2020 Contest Finalists


(listed in no particular order)


Since The First Time by Neal McIntyre

The Promise by Gayle Staehle

Psychic by Michael Miller

“Growl,” from The Violence Almanac by Miah Jeffra

Band Aide by Shaquille Heath

Out Of Synch by Nancy Nelson

Family Business by Elizabeth Forsyth

Cookies For An Angry Old Woman by Laetitia Wilcox

Eight-sided Mountain by Pamela Pan

The Demon In Donny by Nanci Woody

His Imagination About Her Past by Michael Rose



Hunting Power by Evon Davis

The Translator by Susanna Bolten Connaughton

Running Away From The Circus by Nove Meyers

Alive On Arrival by John Vincent

Who Said Children Should Be Happy by Kathi Morris

How Mister Rogers Saved My Brother From Bullies by Cathy Sturdivant

My Iran by Brenda Paske

Con Girl by Karen Andrus

Submarine Dreams by Ed Miracle

El Despojo de Maria Zacarías Bernal de Berreyesa by Jenny Walicek



Chinese New Year: Riddle of the Dragon by Christine Van Zandt

The Gemini by Stephanie Tang

Recollecting Snow by Misty Wilson

Maratania by Sophia Dunkin-Hubby

Gray Cat by Meghen Kurtzig

Where It All Began by Casey Cassidy

Wide Awake On Dreaming Rock by Brad Marshland

Chimpie by June Fern

Death Road by Adrian Davis

Hunters Of The Night by Michael Devine