Consignment Books Form

Of course we will have a beautiful onsite bookstore at the San Francisco Writers Conference!  It will be in the Ballroom Lobby and feature our presenter’s books and books on writing, book signings throughout the event, and one-on-one time with two of the best booksellers in San Francisco–Neal Sofman and Susan Tunis of BookShop West Portal. They also man the bookstore at our annual San Francisco Writing for Change conference.

But did you know as an attendee, you can bring your book to be sold on consignment, too?


Read the rules. Fill out the form. Then bring it to Neal or Susan at the onsite bookstore on Friday after 10 a.m.
This is for attendees only, of course. You will see on the form that the bookstore can accept up to 3 copies of your book.

Your book in the SFWC bookstore? Find out the details!