SFWC Presenter Handouts 2020

Welcome to the San Francisco Writers Conference 2020. This page will provide links to handouts from presenters.

Links to Current Handouts

Use your 2020 SFWC schedule to find the classes by days. Not all classes will have handouts listed here.

Thursday Feb 13th

Make This Your Best Writers Conference Ever (Lissa Provost)

Publishing Options: Traditional, Self, Hybrid & Partner Publishing: How to Choose! (Kathy Meis, Mark Coker, Christopher Locke, Gordon Warnock. Moderator: Carla King – with appearances by Robin Cutler, Brooke Warner, Kathy Meis, and Chelsea Bennett)

Breakout 1

Fiction Session: Premise: Make or Break Your Story (C. S.Lakin, Jordan Rosenfeld)

Nonfiction Session: Craft of Writing Memoir preview (Brooke Warner)

Mktg/Biz Session: Master-pitch Theatre preview (Katharine Sands)

Craft Session: Crossing Genre Boundaries preview (Jonathan Maberry)


Fiction Session: First-Page Critique (Amanda Clay, Meredith Jaeger, Heather Lazare, Monica Wesolowska)

Nonfiction Session: First-Page Critique (Mary Rakow, Brenda Knight, Paul S. Levine)

Mktg/Biz Session: Find Your Tribe of Readers (Grant Faulkner, Paul Kilpatrick, Brian Meeks. Moderator: Joey Garcia)

Children’s/YA Session: The Dos and Don’ts of Writing YA: What Agents Love & Hate (Karly Caserza, Jennie Kendrick, Dorian Maffei)

Friday, Feb. 14th

Breakout 3

Marketing/Biz Workshop: Develop Your Online Brand: The About Page (Elisabeth Kauffman)

Fiction Session: Your Cast of Characters (Amanda Clay, Monica Wesolowska, Dorothy Hearst, Tanya Egan Gibson)

Nonfiction Session: Craft of Writing Nonfiction (Seth Greenwald, Barbara Santos, Joey Garcia)

Mktg/Biz Session: Audiobooks for the Win! (Ransom Stephens, Kevin Tumlinson)

Sponsored: The Year Before You Publish: Positioning Your Book for Success (Kathy Meis-Bublish)

Special Youth Session with Armand Baltazar (Open to the Public by Reservation)

Breakout 4

Marketing/ Biz Workshop: Kindness Marketing: How to Influence Others, Establish Trust & Build Lasting Relationships (Jill Lublin)

Publisher Workshop: Publishing Popular Fiction: What Makes it Commercial (Jodi Warshaw)

Fiction Session: Crafting High Stakes for Your Protagonist (Jordan Rosenfeld, Meredith Jaeger, Tanya Egan Gibson)

Nonfiction Session: Self-Publishing for Nonfiction (Carla King, Chelsea Bennett, Robin Cutler)

Children’s/YA Session: How to Write Like A Kid When You’re Not Anymore: Creating a Compelling Kidlit Voice (Mary C. Moore, Eric Smith)

Sponsored: Ebook Preorder and Presales Strategies to Grow Your Readership (Mark Coker-Smashwords)

Breakout 5

Marketing/Biz Workshop: What Happens to Your Book Inside the Newsroom (Joey Garcia)

Fiction Session: Terrify Your Readers (Jonathan Maberry, Ransom Stephens, Tanya Egan Gibson)

Nonfiction Session: Podcasting Power: Become a Guest or a Host (Mark Coker, Carla King, Kevin Tumlinson)

Mktg/Biz Session: Creating a Sustainable Book Promotion Platform (Elisabeth Kauffman, Jill Lublin, Claire McKinney)

Sponsored: All About Women’s National Book Association-SF chapter

Tech Session: Building a Bestseller Website: What you Need to Get Started (Linda Lee)

Breakout 6

Marketing/Biz Workshop: Amazon Ads for Fiction and Nonfiction Authors (Brian Meeks)

Fiction Session: Infusing Theme into Your Story (Victoria Zackheim, Anne Perry, Cara Black, Ransom Stephens)

Nonfiction Session: Nonfiction Book Deal Success Stories (Andy Ross, Liz Kracht, Meghan Stevenson, Paul S. Levine)

Mktg/Biz Session: Traditional Publishing is Thriving in New York and Everywhere (Rachelle Gardner, Amber Oliver. Moderator: Katharine Sands)

Sponsored: All about Distribution (Robin Cutler-IngramSpark)

How to Use Self-Hypnosis in Your Writing (Suzette Standring)

Breakout 7

Marketing/Biz Workshop: Creating the Perfect Platform (Rusty Shelton)

Marketing/Biz Workshop: Perfecting the Soundbite (Joey Garcia)

Fiction Session: Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing (Amanda Clay, Anne Perry, Victoria Zackheim, Monica Wesolowska)

Nonfiction Session: Advanced Book Marketing for Influencers (cancelled)

Mktg/Biz Session: Book Auctions: What Are They Really Like … a dramatization (Cara Black, Heather Lazare, Katharine Sands)

Sponsored: 10 Things to Know about Preparing Your Manuscript for Publication (Chelsea Bennett-Lulu)

Saturday, Feb. 15th

Breakout 8

Writing for Hollywood Summit Screenwriting: Perfecting the Mechanics (Christine Conradt, EJ DeBrun, Sarah Granger, Paul Zeidman)

Breakout 9

Mktg/Biz Session: Social Media 101: The Ever-Changing Landscape and How to Make It Work for You (Claire McKinney)

Craft Session: Practicing the Craft: Veterans from The Writers Grotto present their new Lit Start series to Help You Write Action, Character, and Dialogue (w/prompts) (Connie Hale, Laurie Ann Doyle, Dorothy Hearst)

Fiction Session: Putting the Mystery in Mysteries (Cara Black, Anne Perry, Amanda Clay. Moderator: Victoria Zackheim)

Mktg/Biz Session: Build Your Author Business Plan (Nina Amir)

Writing for Hollywood Summit Books to Screen: Turning Books into Movies, TV and Streaming Successes (Rocky Lang, EJ DeBrun, Aya DeLeon, Jonathan Maberry, Bob Saenz)

Poetry Summit: Habit Breakers: Writing (on the) Outside of the Box (Richard Loranger, Joyce Jenkins)

Children’s/YA Session: Picture This! How to Write Picture Books That Reach a Wide Audience (Pam Berkman, Monica Wesolowska)

Tech Session: WordPress Websites for Non-Techies: Creating a Website That Sells Books (Linda Lee)

Breakout 10

Mktg/Biz Session: How to Pivot Your Brand Using a Pen Name (Jodi Warshaw)

Craft Workshop: Enrich Writing with Imagery (Jordan Rosenfeld)

Fiction Session: A Sense of Place (Meredith Jaeger)

Nonfiction Session: Marketing & Publicity for Subject Matter Experts (Kira Ming, Kevin Tumlinson, Joey Garcia)

Writing for Hollywood Summit Writing for Television (Christine Conradt, EJ DeBrun, Aya DeLeon, Cali Gilbert, Jonathan Maberry)

Poetry Summit: Editing for You & the Reader (Andy Jones, Maw Shein Win)

Children’s/YA Session: There’s Nothing Middlin’ About Middle Grade: Agents Share What’s Hot & What’s Not (Karly Caserza, Jennie Kendrick, Emma Sector)

Nonfiction Session: Write a Nonfiction Book Proposal That Sells (Liz Kracht, Karla Olson, Andy Ross)


Craft Workshop: Editing & Polishing Your Prose (Jill Roberts & Jacob Weisman)

Mktg/Biz Session: Rise and Shine! Rising to the Top of a Publisher’s Slush Pile (CamCat Publishing’s Sue Arroyo)

Fiction Session: Crafting a Compelling Protagonist (Aya DeLeon, Jordan Rosenfeld, Heather Lazare, Meredith Jaeger. Moderator: Tanya Egan Gibson)

Nonfiction Session: The Profitable Author: Revenue Streams for Nonfiction (Karlyn Hixson, Seth Greenwald, Kira Ming, Paul Hobday)

Writing for Hollywood Summit: Filmmaking: Breaking Into Hollywood (Steven E. Browne, Sarah Granger, Rocky Lang, Bob Saenz)

Poetry Summit: Pathways to Publication (Diane Frank, Jennifer Joseph, Jim Azevedo)

Children’s/YA Session: What Makes a Great Kidlit Series (Alec Shane, Eric Smith)

Craft Session: Graphic Novels – When Words are Not Enough (Em Lysaght, Jonathan Maberry, Gordon Warnock)

Breakout 12

Fiction Session: First-Page Critique, Part 2 (Dorothy Hearst, Heather Lazare, Michelle Millet, Monica Wesolowska)

Nonfiction Session: Harnessing the Power of Writing for Public Speaking Success (Seth Greenwald)

Writing for Hollywood Summit: The Business of Screenwriting (Phil Cohen, Christine Conradt, Barbara Hall, Rocky Lang, Bob Saenz)

Poetry Summit: Cultivating Your Market (Joyce Jenkins, Jennifer Joseph)

Children’s/YA Session: Top 10 Truths About YA Publishing (Rachel Diebel, Sylvan Creekmore, Eric Smith, Tanya Egan Gibson)

Mktg/Biz Session: How to Edit Like an Agent (Liz Kracht, Georgia Hughes. Moderator: Joey Garcia)

Craft Workshop: Making Silence Part of Your Writing Practice (Mary Rakow)

Sunday, Feb. 16th

Breakout 13

Fiction Session: Moments of Brilliance: Three Techniques for Creating a Sticky Story (Rebecca Hunter)

Mktg/Biz Session: Ask Madame Counselor: Legal Clarity for Authors (Alex Tillson)

Mktg/Biz Session: Building Authority as an Expert for Nonfiction Writers (Nina Amir)

Sponsored: How to Work with a Virtual Author Assistant (Nancy Cavillones, Carla King)

Mktg/Biz Session: Getting Read and Getting Fed! (Rob Weinstein, September Williams, Cedrick O’Bannon, Edward Hasbrouck, Brigid O’Farrell – National Writers Union)

Craft Session: Writing a Realistic Crime Novel (Adam Plantinga)

Breakout 14

Fiction Session: Learn from the Masters: Techniques of the Literary Greats (Laurie Ann Doyle)

Craft Session: Cross-Genre Boundaries (Louisa Morgan)

Mktg/Biz Session: How to Market Your Self-Published Book … a sneak peek (Kevin Tumlinson)

Sponsored: How to Get Book Reviews and Build Buzz with your Self-Published Book (Christopher Locke)

Sponsored: How to Attract Early Readers and Turn Them into Superfans (Paul Kilpatrick)

Craft Session: Story Power: From Traditional Folklore to Personal Narratives (Kate Farrell)

Nonfiction Session: Food, Travel, Lifestyle: How to Turn Your Adventures into Books (Carla King, Carole Bumpus, Barbara Santos)

Food Travel Writing 2-16-20

Sponsored: All about the Editorial Freelancers Association

Breakout 15

Fiction Session: World-Building Past & Future (Louisa Morgan, Alex Tillson, Ransom Stephens)

Fiction Session: What’s Hot in Romance (Amanda Clay, Rebecca Hunter)

Craft Session: Where to Begin: How to Develop and Write Your Book … a sneak peek (Anne Perry, Victoria Zackheim)How to Publish Independently without an Agent or Publisher (Mark Coker, Robin Cutler, Kathy Meis. Moderator Carla King)

Book Written, Conference Attended, Notes Taken … Now What? (Darlene Frank, Kristen Caven, Kimberly Edwards. Moderator: Carole Bumpus – California Writers Club)

Fiction Session: What’s Missing: How Absence Can Drive Narrative (Laurie Ann Doyle, Louise Nayer, Eleanor Vincent, Lyzette Wanzer)

Nonfiction Session: Rad American Women: The Phenomenon (Kate Schatz, Miriam Klein Stahl)

Plenary Session: Taking the Conference Home with You (Carla King & Laurie McLean)