What Is Speed Dating?

Speed Dating is a wildly popular and valuable add-on session at the San Francisco Writers Conference each year where writers can meet, interview, and network with literary agents from New York, the West Coast and all over the country. Speed Dating attendees say you can’t beat this opportunity to pitch your book one-on-one to more than twenty agents in an hour for only $75! 

This special session is available for SFWC Attendees ONLY. You must be a registered conference attendee to sign up for Speed Dating.
If you are registering by mail or fax, be sure to mark it on your San Francisco Writers Conference registration form. You may be able to add it onsite, but only if space is available.

Click here for Agent information and Speed Dating Rules!

During Speed Dating, agents from New York, the Bay Area, and beyond will first introduce themselves, and then sit at tables. Attendees who have signed up for Speed Dating will have “SPEED DATING” printed near the bottom of their badge in a box, with the hour that their group will start. For example: “SPEED DATING 9 AM”.

There are four Speed Dating groups on Sunday; the first begins at 9 AM. Each pitch lasts a TOTAL of 3 minutes. You may not line up to get into the Bayview Room, before your marked hour. We suggest you spend the other three hours in sessions. You can meet with as many agents as you can fit into your 51-minute time period. We do ask that you keep the level of your conversation down so the agents can hear the pitches!

Agents attend the SFWC to meet clients. Do your homework and know which agents you will want to meet. However, you don’t have to wait until Speed Dating to talk to him or her at lunch or in the hallway. If they are wearing their name badge, you can introduce yourself and even do a mini-pitch! (We post names and descriptions of the agents on this website and in the program.)



We also offer an Ask A Pro session as part of our full conference program and at NO EXTRA CHARGE. This session will bring attendees face-to-face with many of the most talented and insightful editors and other publishing “Pros” working locally in the publishing world. Most of the exhibitors will also participate. Ask them questions and listen to their advice at tables of 10.  (It’s on Saturday afternoon in the Ballroom. Don’t miss it!)